Custom Wall Art

Imagine what it feels like to hang up a personalized wall hanging that’s been created just for you and your space.  I accept requests for custom wall hangings and would love to work with you on making your vision come to life.  

I can customize the size, colors, accents, and overall style of my merino wall hangings.  If you are searching for just the right art piece for your home, office, business, or corporate space, please fill out the form below to get in touch.   

How to request your custom piece 

There are a few ways to request your wall hanging:  
  1. Choose a design from my shop and request a different color palette or size.  (Just include the link to the original wall hanging when you contact me.)   
  2. Request a new design, created just for you.  

If you’re not quite sure what you’d like yet, that’s alright.  We'll walk through all the options during the design process to create your perfect piece.  

Manifold Witness custom fiber art designsMy custom design services include 

  • Size, color, and style recommendations based on your space (if needed)
  • Customized color palette options 
  • Full-color sketches to help you visualize your finished piece (see examples above)
  • Clear and timely communication
  • Progress updates once you’ve placed your order 
  • Preview images before I ship your completed wall hanging 


Each custom wall hanging is skillfully hand-crafted and unique.  Pricing will vary based on the size, accents, and other options that you choose.  To get a rough idea of pricing, please look through the merino pieces in my ready-to-ship collection

Because your custom wall hanging purchase will include my in-depth design service, a 10% fee is added to all custom pieces.  

Time frame

Current estimated production time for custom pieces:  4-6 weeks from order date. 

Actual time frame will vary and will be discussed with you during the design process.  


Please be aware that out of respect for other artists’ work, I will not accept any request to replicate another artist’s design.

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